Online and In-Person Provider Training

Provider training consists of a 30 minute online training module, followed by live training with a certified NeurAxis trainer. Qualified providers can be certified to provide this treatment to patients who suffer from functional abdominal pain related to IBS.

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A New Standard Of Care

*The IB-Stim is a percutaneous electrical nerve field stimulator (PENFS) system intended to be used in patients 11-18 years of age with functional abdominal pain associated with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). The IB-Stim is intended to be used for 120 hours per week up to 3 consecutive weeks, through application to branches of Cranial Nerves V, VII, IX and X, and the occipital nerves identified by transillumination, as an aid in the reduction of pain when combined with other therapies for IBS DEN180057.