The first FDA Cleared, drug-free method for treating functional abdominal pain associated with IBS in patients 11-18 years of age.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2024-04-16T22:26:26+00:00

Frequently asked questions about IB-Stim

The following are frequently asked questions from patients and clinicians. This is for informational purposes only and not to be considered as a diagnosis or recommendation for treatment. Each person presents differently. Diagnosis and treatment recommendations are strictly a decision between the patient and treating clinician.

Where can I find an IB-Stim Certified Provider near me?2024-04-16T22:24:25+00:00

Simply enter your ZIP code and search. If you don’t find any nearby locations, try increasing your search radius.
TIP! Please ask for Pediatric Gastroenterology when calling your local hospital.

      Does the IB-Stim device work for everyone?2024-02-28T15:30:41+00:00

      No. The IB-Stim device invented and distributed by NeurAxis, Inc. does not work for everyone all the time. Each person is different and each condition is unique. A proper diagnosis by the clinician and compliance by the patient is very important to maximize the likelihood of success.

      Should I take the device off if I don’t feel the pulsing?2024-02-05T22:53:28+00:00

      No. This is one of the most commonly asked questions. Each IB-Stim device is checked several times in the factory before they are shipped and activated immediately before placement. The device will be working when placed. It is normal to not feel any pulsing or sensation in the ear immediately after placement. It is also not unusual for the pulsing sensation to go away after the first day because the nerves can get used to the stimulation. Just because you don’t feel it doesn’t mean it is not working.

      If I feel better can I stop taking my pain medications?2024-02-05T22:52:48+00:00

      Stopping or reducing your pain medications is often a reasonable treatment goal for therapy. However, medication reduction or discontinuation is a decision that must be made by your treating provider or your healthcare team.

      How soon can I expect results from IB-Stim device treatment?2024-02-05T22:52:22+00:00

      This depends upon your condition. Often patients will notice improvement almost immediately during the first week of treatment while others may take longer. Because every patient is different, it is recommended to treat in a series of 3 weeks before any decisions are made regarding improvements or additional treatments.

      How many treatments are required?2024-02-05T22:51:50+00:00

      The IB-Stim recommended treatment is for 3 weeks (3 devices) However, because every patient is different, treatment duration and number of devices should be discussed with your provider.

      How long should the IB-Stim device be left on?2024-02-05T22:51:23+00:00

      The device has a run time of up to 120 hours (5 days) and should be left on for the recommend length of time, unless instructed otherwise by your treating provider.

      Can I exercise while wearing the IB-Stim device?2024-02-05T22:50:15+00:00

      Sweating enough to make the affixing bandages or the generator come off is possible but rarely occurs. Do not swim or get into a hot tub while wearing the device. It is also not recommended to go into a sauna. If the device is exposed to water, the adhesive holding the arrays or the generator may become loose.

      What happens if the IB-Stim device gets wet?2024-02-05T22:50:43+00:00

      The device is water resistant but not water proof. If fully submerged it will simply stop working. It will not shock you or explode. If you accidentally get the device wet, carefully dry it and call your treating provider.

      Are there any side effects from using the IB-Stim device?2024-02-05T23:01:29+00:00

      Serious side effects are extremely rare and have not been reported when using IB-Stim. There is a chance of localized skin rash (less than 1%) or pain at the site of needle implantation (less than 1%). Infection at the site is possible but has never been reported. If you develop any of these signs or symptoms, report these immediately to your treating provider.

      Are there any contraindications for the use of IB-Stim?2024-02-05T23:01:13+00:00

      Contraindications to treatment with IB-Stim include: hemophilia, psoriasis vulgaris and the presence of a cardiac pacemaker because no clinical studies are available. Steri-Strips and benzoin tincture should not be used on patients with previous history of sensitivity to these adhesives. Sureprep used during device application should not be applied on infected areas of the skin. Always thoroughly discuss your medical history with your treating provider so treatment decisions can be accurately made.

      Is the IB-Stim device treatment for everyone?2024-02-05T23:00:58+00:00

      No. IB-Stim is for people ages 11-18 who have functional abdominal pain associated with IBS.

      Can I wash my hair while wearing the IB-Stim device?2024-02-05T23:00:43+00:00

      Yes. While the device is water resistant, it should not be considered water proof. It has been recommended that holding a dry washcloth or a small plastic cup/bowl over the ear while showering can be enough to protect the device and adhesives.

      A New Standard Of Care

      *The IB-Stim is a percutaneous electrical nerve field stimulator (PENFS) system intended to be used in patients 11-18 years of age with functional abdominal pain associated with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). The IB-Stim is intended to be used for 120 hours per week up to 3 consecutive weeks, through application to branches of Cranial Nerves V, VII, IX and X, and the occipital nerves identified by transillumination, as an aid in the reduction of pain when combined with other therapies for IBS DEN180057.

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